The CVCT Collaborative

About Us


Once Known as the Indio Youth Task Force

The CVCT Collaborative began in 1994, born under another name: The Indio Youth Task Force (aka IYTF).

It all began when the police department saw the need for greater community service in Indio. Our founders knew that reaching out to the youth was one of the best ways to build community spirit, prevent gang activity and youth-related crimes, and to give kids greater confidence in their futures. With the help of dedicated volunteers, The City of Indio, Corporate Sponsors, and a network of other non-profit organizations, the people of Indio alleviated many challenges facing our local youth.

With time, the network of volunteers and organizations grew. Hundreds of children each year were given a place to go after school that wasn’t on the street, the chance to be tutored or depend on a mentor, opportunities for extra-curricular activities that would have been unaffordable, and more occasions for mental and emotional health.

For 16 years, the Indio Youth Task Force lived as a source of hope dedicated to the benefit of helping, saving, serving, and loving our kids. It was a huge success.

New Name, Same Heart

In the end of 2012, a new direction arrived. The Task Force recognized that the underserved youth of the valley went well beyond the city borders of Indio. Coachella, Thermal, Mecca, and North Shore all face similar trials. Poverty, lack of transportation, lack of resources, and fewer events for kids make these areas of the valley vulnerable to crime, less youth development, and a lower quality of life for the future.

So, the Task Force expanded. We changed our name with the intent to serve the people of our entire community – the Coachella Valley.

Today, we are the CVCT Collaborative. We are here to collaborate with the same dedicated volunteers and organizations and all of the cities in need. We are expanding our reach because everyone in this valley deserves to have hope in their future, to feel like a part of a community, and to get the chance to live like anyone should – safe, healthy, and happy.